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What is a photo upload Card or Gift?

A photo upload card is a card where you can add one of your own photos of either yourself or the recipient, or anything appropriate. You can add a photo to the front of some card – called photo uploads. You can also add photos to the inside of the cards. You can add photos from your computer, your Facebook account or even take a photo there and then with your webcam. Follow the on screen instructions to take you through the process. For extra help, click on the help button next to the ‘Photo Uploads’ editing tools.

How do I upload a photo to a card or gift?

It is recommended that your picture should not exceed 5mb, this is mainly because it will take too long to upload. Your picture needs to be in a JPEG or JPG format to upload to the site. We cannot accept PDF/word documents etc. If you are scanning images in, it is advised that you scan them in at 300DPI.

The quality of your picture will be indicated in the picture editing tools. As you zoom your picture or choose to put it on a larger card it may change quality and of it becomes ‘Poor’ quality then our system will not let you proceed as the image quality will be too poor to print. These pictures may look fine on your computer but they will print very poorly and we don’t want you to be disappointed with your personalised cards or gifts from

If you continue to have problems uploading a photo/image, please email us your picture and call our customer service team on 0845 900 2873 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) and we will discuss what we can do to help.
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