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Sleep Talkin’ Man, the nocturnal musings of a mild-mannered sleeping Englishman as recorded by his bemused wife, has been voted the UK’s Funniest Blog, in an award hosted by personalised card company Now in its second year, the UK’s Funniest Blog Award celebrates those bloggers who help to raise a smile and a laugh with their irreverent, sardonic, or just plain wacky sense of humour.

The blog, run by Karen Slavick-Lennard and featuring both audio recordings and the transcribed words of her husband Adam, took 30% of the public vote from a shortlist of six blogs. Runners up were Mark Richards (Best Dad I Can Be) and last year’s winner Alistair Coleman (Angry People in Local Newpapers).

Recent posts include subconscious musings on the Christmas season, why blue dogs are more expensive than pink dogs, and gems inspired by the news of impending parenthood. The often bizarre pronouncements have clearly tickled the funny bone of the public. Karen and Adam will receive a Samsung Chromebook along with the title UK’s Funniest Blog 2013.

Nominations were invited from the public and a shortlist determined before being put to public vote. Due to the increased number of entries, the shortlist was increased to six blogs from the previous year’s four. Voting closed on 31st December 2012.


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