Poor January Birthday Babies!

We adore all Birthday Boys and Girls of course, but we do feel a little sorry for the January folk.  For those born in the magic days around the holiday season, their special time gets a little swallowed up in the bigger party.  Worse still, those plucky souls who throw their party in the first weeks of January may have to work extra hard to make sure they get a full crowd - we all know the money worries and back-to-work blues that come after New Year!  Of course, it's a bit of a party everyday at TDD HQ, but then we're in the business of smiles!
If your pals have forgotten you this year, worry not lovely chums!  The Dog's Doodahs  still loves you and we stand by to fill your world with giggles.  Order yourself this personalised card and stick it on your desk, they'll soon get the message.
 You're in good company if you were a New Year's Eve baby - Sir Alex Ferguson, Val Kilmer, even Donald Trump Jr. share your day.  Maybe they'll shout you a pint?  Even if they don't, we've hired a big smiley clown to hug every envelope that goes out this month - it's not much, but our postie says it makes him tingle inside a bit anyway.
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