Funny Fools!

We didn't put up an April Fools joke this year (our cards are funny enough as it is!!) but we saw some really super spoofs out there!  One of the funniest had to be the photo-on-toast campaign, or indeed the 'giant jelly baby'.  If you haven't seen them, pop onto a search engine and have a look.  We love making the funniest personalised cards you can buy and we know a good joke when we see one, so well done those people!
With Easter coming up, lots of our customers are ordering fab flowers (we arrange those for next day delivery too!).  The 'cute' cards also make super Easter cards for friends and loved ones.  Remember, you can change the text on almost anything!  If you need some inspiration, come along to our Fan Page and I'll find something wonderful for you.  It's even had a revamp! xxx
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