Preparing for Leaping Ladies

It's a tradition that dates back hundreds of years - on February 29th, women can get down on one knee and propose to men.  Traditionally, ladies may only propose marriage on Leap Days, a chance which comes around every 1,461 days.  This unique opportunity goes back to a law made by Queen Margaret of Scotland, who even suggested compensation for any rebuttals, to the tune of one silk gown!  If you have Finnish or Danish roots, you should be given the fabrics for a skirt or 12 pairs of gloves if rejected.
If you're planning on popping the question to your chap this year, make sure it's all about him.  Whilst many girls have planned the scene since they first met their sweetheart, his ideal proposal may be a little different.  Think about the places that mean the most to him as a chap: a sports ground, venue, or holiday spot perhaps.  Of course, this year the 29th falls on a Wednesday, when a lot of us will be at work.  Why not borrow that dream car he had posters of when you met him, rather than the standard horse and carriage?  That should make for an impressive YouTube update!
However you ask those special few words this Leap Year, remember the 29th is all about you being in control and seizing the day.  If you don't get the answer you're hoping for, demand those gloves!
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