Decorating, dogs and dilemmas

Hello, darlings!  Well, we've been having a busy old time around here, I can tell you!
First, as you will have seen, we've been redecorating.  What do you think of the new wallpaper?  We've given everything a Christmas flavour since there is only just over a month to go until the big day - eek!  I haven't even begun to do think about presents.  Fortunately, we have a whole load of personalised gifts available, from mugs, to aprons, to diaries, flowers, and champagne!  Bubbles always go down a treat, and you can personalise the label yourself.  And, of course, we have a range of chuckle-worthy Christmas cards to send to your bestest pals.
Don't forget your diary for 2013 - mine is already filling up with parties and gatherings.  Have a look at our fabulous range here.  Choose your perfect diary to give yourself a giggle throughout the year.
We've also got a new addition at TDD Towers.  The doggie is proving to be a mischievous little blighter, and has already found my store of crackers.  He does look cute in his Santa hat though!
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