Easier-Peasier Personalised Cards

The clever team at TheDogsDoodahs.com have improved the website again. With a focus on making it even easier to use, we've introduced a slightly different personalisation process, a new design and even added PayPal. We adore all your feedback and we've read thousands, both positive and negative (mostly wonderful!) to make sure the site is as fab as it can be.

You won't find our cards available to personalise on any other website so we're thrilled that it's even easier now on TheDogsDoodahs.com. If you'd like to let us know what you think, drop us a line to ThoseNicePeople@TheDogsDoodahs.com. All the important things are still there, like our wonderful customer care (now with added Live Chat!). Remember, you can add even more personalisation to the inside of cards so there's plenty of opportunity to show your creative side.
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