Fabulous 30th birthdays

I don't know about you, darlings, but for me my 30th birthday was much more of a coming of age than my 18th or 21st.  There's an awful lot of fuss about turning 18 - able to vote, able to have that first glass of something bubblier than lemonade - but aside from that there's no much to shout about.  Potentially you might still have years of education to go, or you're in the early days of that first job and discovering the best thing about it is the day your wages are paid.
No, the 30th birthday is the significant one for me.  That's the one that says "Look at me, I'm really a grown up now!"  Just look at what you've done, how far you've come, what you've achieved.  It's a wonderful time to look back, as well as to look forward and see where you want to go next.  And of course, it's the perfect occasion for reminding yourself just how fabulous you are!  Oh you are, darling, and don't ever forget it!
Some people do fret about the big 3 0, so if you've got a friend who is freaking out with their big day approaching, toddle over to our selection of 30th birthday cards and find one to put that smile right back on their face.  We've also got flowers, champagne and balloons you can personalise to help their day go with a bang. 
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