Off to Uni

As so many new students leave home for the first time to settle into the parties, meeting people and of course studying, the nice people here at The Dog's Doodahs have a range of good luck cards to make them smile as they get used to being away from home.  Have a look here and see what tickles your fancy!
I only have dim and distant memories of my first few weeks at uni, which might have something to do with the bubbles.  Still, it was a fabulous time, darlings, and I'm sure all your teens will love it.  Many a parent worries about their children being away for the first time.  How will they cope?  Will they be eating properly?  Just how much washing will they be bringing home at the end of term?  If you want to send them a little something to let them know you're thinking of them, you could always drop one of our range of gift cards in with their good luck card.  How about some book tokens?  Students will always need books after all!
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