Personalised Cards are Eco-friendly

Darlings, did you know we're an eco-friendly lot here at TDD towers?  It's true!  We have just been featured in an article by Business Vibes "Top 10 Greeting Card Experts Online, 2014: Green Initiatives".  Each of the ten companies featured from around the world provides a snapshot of the sort of green initiatives they undertake.  Do go and have a read, it is interesting stuff.
We use an FSC accredited print partner - so all the board used in making your lovely cards can be traced right back to the seedling!  Our inks are either mineral or vegetable based, so fully recyclable, and of course because we deal with personalised cards, they are only printed and sent out as they are ordered.  So when you order one of our fabulous personalised cards, you get something from a sustainable forest which is designed, printed and posted out from right here at TDD towers on the UK mainland. 
How brilliant is that?
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