Bumpy Valentines

The monkeys are working hard to load up all the fabulous Valentine's cards on TheDogsDoodahs.com.  Doing my part (I'm so generous), I turned to our Fan Page to have a chat about our best/worst Valentines.  It seems we need to send out some group hugs!  Pop on over to Facebook to read the stories my super-fans have been sending me, but I just had to share this one from poor Tina!
"Going to Corsica for a romantic weekend, had a lovely meal in typical Corsican restaurant, popped out to loo and as my other half watched me coming back through the window, I suddenly disappeared ... had fallen down the steps :( on arriving back at the hotel, came down with food poisoning, had to call out the emergency dr.  He must have thought I looked a right state when he came in to see me sat on the loo, puking in a bowl, with grazed knees ... so much for romance eh??!!"
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