Rude Cards Can Be Funny!

Rude Cards Personalised!

 Sometimes, only the most silly, rude and naughty joke will do. That's why we have our very own range of rude cards for you to personalise. This week, I've dedicated our blog post to those, the one's your Granny might not like! The key to choosing a card that is both rude and funny is to know the recipient really well. If your friend has a particular habit, a fondness for a tipple or shares a private joke with you, pick a card along those lines. Not everyone think's that naughty bits are funny but they can be when you personalise them with a name, just as we've done in the example below! Click here to personalise it!
Remember, on some cards you can change everything, on others- the name or occasion. What's funny to you might be different from someone else, so make the joke personal! We love a good giggle and we think some of the cards you see both online and on the web are just too boring. Try going to our home page and using the search tool to select "naughty bits" or "drinking" and see what you find! 
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