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UK's Funniest Blog Competition 2014!

We have a winner! Well done Alistair Coleman! 

Angry people in local newspapers

The Dogs Doodahs Discount


As well as the title UK’s Funniest Blog 2014, the winner will get their choice of a Nexus 7 tablet or a £200 beer fund! 
Our 2014 runner up and top Twitter account for the year was Tony Cowards-
 Alistair said "I'd like to thank the people who voted for me, the dozens of wonderful people who contribute to the website, and - most of all - the furious people around the world who think that being photographed pointing at a pile of dog mess will make everything better."
 A *huge* thank you to everyone who took part and for keeping the nation giggling!

The 2014 shortlist for UK's Funniest Blogger 2014 was:

Celebrating the art of local newspaper photographers who spend their days taking pictures of miserable looking people.

A look at family life from a Dad’s point of view. 

Misadventures in travel and storytelling by a self-described travelling disaster.

A wry and witting personal look at life.

One mother. Two kids. And "no bloody clue whatsoever".

Lifestyle blog for people who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Bitesize comedy on Twitter.

A slightly surreal and all-encompassing site, covering the history of rock, dead peasants, and a whole lot more.
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